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Top 7 Farmer's Markets To Visit This Summer

Top 7 Farmer's Markets To Visit This Summer

August 02, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

While lots of produce is stocked in stores year-round, there’s no denying that most fruits and veggies taste best when eaten in-season. And for those found within the late summer, that moment is now. August is prime time for plump, juicy peaches, sweet summer squashes, and anything from eggplant to corn, and so much more! So we at iTouch Wearables went ahead and picked seven must-visit farmer's market destinations, so no matter where your travels take you this summer, you’ll have plenty of tasty treats to bring back home or use for the perfect summer's date night. Here is our mini-guide to the top farmer's markets to visit this summer:

The Farmers' Market in Los Angeles

The Farmers' Market in Los Angeles claims to be “the original” farmers' market, as it was a well-known spot originating back since 1934 when a few farmers settled their trucks on what was, at that point, an empty patch of dirt. Over the next decades, it continued to grow and attract people from all over California, eventually becoming what it is today. Now, it is a thriving marketplace with kiosks, stands, shops, and restaurants. Open all year-round (except Thanksgiving and Christmas), the market features musical performances on Thursdays and Fridays during the summer.

Union Square Greenmarket in New York City

Who says you can’t find farm-fresh produce in New York City? The Union Square Greenmarket is one of most impressive spots in Manhattan to get straight-from-the-farm produce, as well as fresh meat, fish, preserves, and baked goods. The market features over 140 stands and boasts 60,000 visitors per day.

Pike Place Market In Seattle 

Pike Place is one of Seattle’s main attractions. It features numerous produce, meat, and fish stands - and the market also has plenty of craft kiosks for buying local artwork and gifts. It is open seven days a week, and though most stands close around 5 p.m., several fine-dining restaurants on the nine-acre historic district are open late to cater to tourists and locals alike!

Charleston Farmers' Market in Charleston

Open April through December, the Charleston Farmers' Market is located in beautiful Marion Square, a prime location for locals and tourists wandering this beautiful city. While Charleston may seem like a quaint and give off the perfect small town vibes, the Farmer's Market is huge - visitors can bring home everything from vintage clothing and jewelry to handmade pasta, local meats, and of course, fresh veggies.

Copley Square Farmers' Market in Boston

A farmers' market is definitely a summer's treat in Boston, which is certainly well-known for it's colder months. The Copley Square Farmers' Market however, is located in the historic and upscale Back Bay area of Boston, and is open May through November. It features several dozen vendors selling local goods, fresh fruit and veggies, and more!

Farmer's Market in Portland

A relatively new farmer's market by that of the traditions created by farmers, the Portland Market became a hotspot back in1992 and continues to be a favorite of  locals and visitors today. Located on the Portland State University campus, the market is open every Saturday - March through December. Fresh produce is a big draw, but perhaps the most popular stands are those offering tasty sandwiches and snacks.

The Eastern Market in Washington D.C.

Located in Capitol Hill, the Eastern Market is the oldest, and one of the largest, fresh produce markets in D.C. With two outdoor markets and one indoor market, this year-round hotspot is hopping with visitors six days a week (it's closed on Mondays). Stands offer fresh flowers, fresh seafood, and everything in between.

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