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How To Create A Yoga Studio In Your Home

How To Create A Yoga Studio In Your Home

July 28, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

There's an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity that washes over you the very second that you step inside your favorite yoga studio. Maybe it’s the scented candles that perfume the air or the happily, smiling Buddha statue that always make greets you at the entrance. Perhaps, maybe it's just that less really is more, at least when it comes to creating a space for spiritual awakening. When you are practicing yoga at home, it can be beneficial to recreate the space of your favorite yoga studio. You will never truly feel relaxed bringing your mat into an overly cluttered room. With this being said, it is actually quite easy creating your own yoga space at home. Curious - here is how!

De-Clutter Your Space

Take time to get your Marie Kondo on. This means when you are creating your space, only include items that are functional or beautiful. Remove anything that doesn't serve either purpose to your yoga practice. These can be things such as perhaps your TV, a couch, or any distraction items. Then, take your time to design your space to suit your specific needs. This will instantly remove distractions, turning your room into a blank canvas.

Create A Color Palette of Soothing Colors

When filling your space, opt for a palette that focuses on more muted, cooler tones or warm whites. They recede and promote a sense of calm rather than demand full attention. For instance, bring in a beige carpet to provide support for your mat, or bring in some muted cool toned pillows for some extra comfort. Remember that yoga cultivates both mental and physical health, so choose sustainable and eco-friendly products so you can feel good about nurturing yourself and the environment.

Be Careful With Lighting

Don't underestimate lighting. It's incredibly important and has a huge impact on your mood and well-being and can be what makes or breaks your yoga routine. Too poor of lighting can make you feel sleepy or drained, but too harsh of lighting can be too much and cause you to feel unrelaxed and alarmed. If possible, install dimmer switches on overhead lights or even purchase lamps with a 3-way switch. Lightweight cotton drapes are also a great option to help with light filtering and privacy, as well as adding softness to a space. When possible, also opt for natural lighting to help you feel grounded during your practice. 

Create your Space With Intention

Using scented candles, incense, or even aromatherapy can help elevate the space and bring in a sense of calming to your practice. Consider reserving a small shelf where you can place an object such as a candle, statue or flower to represent your intentions and what you would like to accomplish with your practice. Always remember to have an attitude of gratitude.

With these tips, you'll be creating a yoga space of your own in no time!

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