iTouch Air Smart Watch Brands by iTouch

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Color: Black/Black

  • Syncs time and date from your phone, as well as displays battery life.
  • Allows you to make outgoing phone calls as well as receive incoming calls with the built in speakerphone.
  • Take photos with your phone's camera using your iTOUCH as a remote with a flick of your wrist.
  • Your band will alert you when you have moved out of the range of your phone.
  • Transfer your contact data from your phone.
  • Set up to 3 different vibrating alarms.
  • When you've misplaced your iTOUCH Activity Tracker, you can have it vibrate if you are within range to find it's location.
  • Receive notifications on your iTOUCH when you get texts, calls and emails on your phone. You can also add notifications for many other apps.
  • Keep track of your steps as you work to achieve daily, weekly and monthly fitness goals.
  • Track and summarize calories burned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • View the distance you've traveled on your journey to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Keep track of the quality of your sleep.
  • View recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
  • Set a periodic reminder to get up and move so you can more easily achieve your fitness goals.
  • View the current calendar month.
  • Initiates your phone’s virtual assistant through the iTOUCH’s speakerphone
  • Solve any math problem on your wrist, not on your fingers!
  • View your email notifications (Android Only)
  • Be your own DJ, play/pause, skip and reverse from your wrist.
  • Show elapsed time for an event, including up to 20 split time records.
  • View weather forecast for your current location
  • Enable/Disable the Bluetooth connection on your iTOUCH
  • Change Languages, Screen Settings, Sounds, Units, Motion and more.


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What’s Included

  • Case Sizes: 45mm/41mm
  • Thickness: 11.5mm/10.6mm
  • Minimum System requirements: Android version 4.4 and higher iOS version 7.2 and higher
  • 1 iTOUCH Air
  • 1 Interchangeable strap
  • 1 USB Charging Cable

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