iFitness Pulse & iFitness Activity Tracker Charger

$9.99 Comes with two bands!

iFitness Pulse & iFitness Activity Tracker Charger


Lost your iFitness Pulse or iFitness Smartwatch charger or just want a spare? Purchase an iFitness Pulse & iFitness Activity Tracker charger today. Why not always have a backup ready for those moments you didn't plan for? Get a spare charger and always be prepared!

Compatible with Android and iOS
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1 Year Warranty

More Information About This Product

With schedules becoming busier and busier now more than ever, it is important to stay aware of the level of physical activity you’re getting each and every day. The iFitness smartwatch is a one of a kind, incredibly affordable smartwatch option that helps you easily track and achieve activity goals, getting you one step closer to a healthier and more active lifestyle. With features including pedometer, calories tracker, sleep tracker, and distance tracker, you won’t want to go a day without your trusty sidekick that keeps you connected with just a few taps on the wrist. Plus, this awesome piece of tech even displays incoming phone calls and messages, so you get the notifications you need without the hassle of digging out your phone.

To avoid missing out on the important information you rely on, keeping your iFitness fully charged every day is key. This iFitness watch charger will do just that, so you can focus on living your best life. This iFitness charger is the same charger you receive when you purchase the iFitness smartwatch and is a great option for anyone who needs a replacement charger or would like to keep a spare or two handy. Store additional iFitness chargers in various spots in your home, or even keep a spare in your car for quick charges on the go while you’re sitting still.

However you use this iFitness activity tracker charger, you’ll appreciate the quick charge it offers to your device. Plus, at an affordable price, you don’t have to stress if you find yourself in need of another iFitness charger. The iFitness watch charger is of great quality and constructed to hold up over time. Even still, the charger comes with a 1-year warranty should you have any issues. Purchase the iFitness activity tracker charger to keep your smartwatch functioning so you never miss a beat.