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Support For iTouch Air 2

  • iTOUCH AIR 2
    • iTOUCH device won't power one

      The iTOUCH may not be charged

      Plug in the charging cable supplied with your iTOUCH. Allow the watch to charge for at least 5 minutes before trying to power it on.

    • iTOUCH device doesn't appear in phone's Bluetooth devices list.

      iTOUCH's Bluetooth may not be turned on

      Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on by checking in the iTOUCH's Settings>BT Settings menu.

    • iTOUCH device doesn't receive my text message notifications

      Your iTOUCH may not be fully connected to your phone

      Make sure that you have connected to your iTOUCH watch through both the phone and the iTOUCH Smartwatch app. If you are properly connected you will see a half Blue, half Green Bluetooth icon on your watch.

    • iTOUCH device doesn't connect with my music or camera.

      Your iTOUCH may not be fully connected to your phone

      Make sure that you have connected to your iTOUCH watch through both the phone and the iTOUCH Smartwatch app. If you are properly connected you will see a half Blue, half Green Bluetooth icon on your watch.

    • iTOUCH device is in Safe Mode (ⓘ) and I can't get out of it.

      Factory setting

      Reset your iTOUCH watch by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.

    • iTOUCH device won't let me reply to text messages

      The iTOUCH works mainly as a notifier and has a limited reply function for Android users

      iOS users cannot reply to text messages but will receive notifications. Android users can select from any of the preset responses on the iTOUCH watch.

    • My iTOUCH Air is not recording or syncing my Sleep data properly.

      iTOUCH Air works during certain times for sleep.

      The Sleep monitor function on your watch works based on your accelerometer and is active between the hours of 10pm and 8am. During those hours, as the accelerometer does not read movement, it means you are asleep and it will record the time youre asleep and your movement while sleeping. It can only record sleep during this time period. Also, you cannot sync your sleep data to your app until after 8am.

    • iTOUCH screen keeps turning off

      Your display settings may need to be adjusted

      Check the Display settings on your watch. Make sure that the screen time out is set to your desired length of time.

    • iTOUCH screen doesn't wake up when I want to see the time.

      Your motion detection settings may need to be adjusted

      Go to the Motion settings on your watch and make sure that the Wake Up Gesture is turned on

    • I don't get notifications on my iTOUCH device

      You may not have activated the notifications on your smart phone.

      Go to the notifications settings on your phone and turn on notifications for the apps that you want to receive them for.

    • iTOUCH keeps losing the Bluetooth connection.

      May be out of range of your smart phone

      Make sure that your phone is within 33feet of your iTOUCH watch.

    • All of the audio keeps coming through on the iTOUCH instead of my phone or headphones

      The phone's audio is set to your iTOUCH

      Swipe up on your iOS phone screen to pull up the Control Center. Then swipe left for the audio section. Select your audio out device at the bottom of the menu.

    • I don’t want to talk through my iTOUCH watch when I get a phone call

      You phone's audio is set to your iTOUCH

      When you receive the call select your desired audio device from the pop-up menu. To change your audio device from within the call screen, select the audio menu on your phone and select your desired audio device.

    • Weather isn't showing for the correct location

      You may not have synced your location with the watch

      Open up your phone's Location settings and make sure that it is turned on. Then open your iTOUCH SmartWatch app and go the the settings menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left hand corner of the app) and select Weather and the location data should update.

    • Voice Assist isn't working for me

      You may not have waited for the chime

      Make sure that you wait to hear the audible chime from the watch before you begin speaking into it. Also make sure that you have activated Siri on your iOS phone or Ok Google/S Voice on your Android phone.

    • My Contacts aren't fully syncing with my iTOUCH Air.

      Some iTOUCH Air watches have a known issue on the instruction manual.

      As a workaround to access your phone's Contacts you can use the Voice Assist function and the call commands for your phone to call any contact on your phone.

    • When I try to sync I get error message "Bluetooth connectivity abnormal".

      The Bluetooth connection needs to be re-established.

      FOR iOS: To un-pair your iTOUCH watch, do the following: go to the Settings menu on your phone and select the Bluetooth. You should see two iTOUCH devices showing in the list (one for the phone connection, one for the app connection). Next to each device you will see either Not Connected or Connected followed by the letter "i" in a circle (ⓘ). Tap on the ⓘ icon and then select "Forget this device" on the following screen. If, when you tap on the ⓘ icon you see both Disconnect and Forget this device, select disconnect first then Forget this device. Once this is done, follow the instructions to reconnect the iTOUCH watch to your phone and the app and you should no longer receive the abnormality error message.

      FOR Android: To un-pair your iTOUCH watch, do the following: Go to the Settings menu on your phone and select Bluetooth. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices paired with your phone. Select the cog wheel next to your iTOUCH device. In the following menu, select Forget (or Un-pair depending on the version of the Android OS). Once this is done, follow the instructions to reconnect the iTOUCH watch to your app and you should no longer receive the abnormality error message.

    • My battery is dying very quickly. How can I improve my watch's battery life?

      You may have too many functions activated.

      The battery life of your iTOUCH Air 2 is anywhere from 12-18 hours depending on often you use it. If you find that your battery is dying too quickly, you can turn off a few functions that are heavy drains on your battery. Some of these are the Wake-Up gesture and Display time (may be set for too long).

    • If none of these troubleshooting tips help with your problem, please send us an email through the Contact Customer Support section of our site at: Please be sure to include the following:

      - Whether you are using an Android or iOS powered phone
      - Detailed information of what you are trying to do and the problem you are experiencing
      - Your name, email address and/or phone # where we can reach you

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iTOUCH AIR 2 Product Care

1) Turn off your iTOUCH AIR 2 Smartwatch.
2) Wipe your iTOUCH Smartwatch clean with a soft lint-free cloth. If needed, dampen the soft cloth with warm water and apply.
3) Dry with a soft cloth before continued use.

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Obtaining Warranty Service:

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Exclusions and Limitations:

iTOUCH Wearables does not warrant that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. This warranty does not apply to a Product or part of a Product that has been serviced, altered, refurbished, or modified by anyone who is not authorized by iTOUCH Wearables, nor does it apply to any cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents. In addition, this Limited Product warranty does not apply to damage or defects caused by (a) use with non-iTOUCH Wearables Products; (b) accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, water damage, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (c) normal wear and tear or aging of the Product such as discoloration or stretching; or (d) operating the Product (i) outside the permitted or intended uses described by iTOUCH Wearables, (ii) not in accordance with instructions provided by iTOUCH Wearables, or (iii) with improper voltage or power supply.


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