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August 20, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

All our favorite foods and drinks are either loaded with sugar or salt. We think if we drink diet drinks we're being healthier - but are we, really? Perhaps we're satisfying our sweet tooth without excess calories, but there's still chemicals and artificial sweeteners involved. Here's the truth behind diet soda and what you need to know. Can Diet Soda Help You Lose Weight? Diet soda is known to have less sugar than regular soda, which results in a lower calorie intake. So theoretically, switching to diet soda could lead to weight loss. Nonetheless, it's not the best drink if you're...

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June 19, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Many of us drink soda and eat delicious snacks and are completely unaware of how much sugar we're truly intaking. They taste good, and you may think working out will suppress the negative effects, but sugar has far more lasting impacts on the body. Here's how many grams of sugar a day you should really have. Effects Of Sugar On The Body There’s strong scientific evidence that sugar has a negative impact on health, so it's essential to watch your intake. The biggest effects of too much sugar are an increase in your risk of becoming overweight and obese. The body does need some sugar...

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March 28, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Who doesn't love dessert and sugary snacks? It can be hard for many of us to swap out our favorite treats, but taking a brief break from the sugar rush actually isn't as difficult as you might think. If you ever thought about cutting out nearly all added sugar in your diet, then you must try this sugar free diet plan. Sugar Free Meal Plan Guidelines The rules of a sugar free meal plan is basically no white sugar, brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup. You also want to avoid any added sugar from some of your favorite sugary drinks or...

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