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June 09, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Unless you're doing the same workout with someone twice your age and you're both checking your heart rate with a heart rate monitor, you probably won't realize that your numbers will be completely different. The research is clear that age affects heart rate, but how? See the relationship of heart rate and age below. Target Workout Heart Rate By Age It's known that your max heart rate decreases with age - regardless of your lifestyle or level of fitness. Your target heart rate is what matters first though, which should be between 50% and 85% percent of your maximum heart rate. The target...

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February 09, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

If you've ever been curious about heart rate zones, then here's your chance to learn and try it for yourself. iTOUCH Wearables' iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker has a built-in heart rate monitor to help you track your health status. You can easily set your heart rate zones and get started with this function to prevent over-training and injuries. Do this by following set heart rate zones, or creating customizable ones.  What Are Target Heart Rate Zones? In simple terms, target heart rate training just means you track your heart rate during workouts and try to keep it within a set intensity...

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