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September 28, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Burpees may be one of your least favorite exercises. You're probably saying that you have more of a love/hate relationship with them. You love them because your body looks insane after, but hate the pain and exhaustion while doing them. Stop hating burpees and keep reading to find out some benefits and routines! Benefits Of Burpees Believe it or not, burpees should be incorporated into every workout routine you do. This exercise can eliminate all other cardio activity from your routine, as it includes the entire body. Your arms, legs, chest, hamstrings, glutes, and abs are all being used in just a...

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September 18, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

One of the most beneficial activities you can do at the gym is the rowing machine. This activity is provides the body and muscles with a great workout and increases your body's stamina for other activities. If you want to know some great benefits of the rowing machine and why you need to start doing this activity, continue reading.  Upper Body & Back Benefits By using the rowing machine, you are giving your upper body a great workout. The pulling motions strengthens and tones the upper body muscles. It incorporates your triceps, deltoids, pecs, back muscles, while including some abs. It...

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September 14, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Did you know that most celebrities use boxing as a way to stay in shape? Gigi Hadid, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian all workout using various boxing routines to stay fit. Boxing combines both cardio and muscle strengthening into one workout. Fighting is also a great way to release anger and stress from the body. Keep reading to find out ways to start boxing now. What Muscles Are Used To Box? Boxing is a great way to workout the entire body. Boxing incorporates the cardiovascular system and various muscles. With boxing, you have the ability to change your entire body shape...

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August 14, 2019 / iTouch Wearables

Working out is something we all would love to be better at. Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. It is something that is not only necessary, but can really become an activity one looks forward to. Keep reading to see how you can maximize your workouts and bypass the 7 biggest workout mistakes! Biggest Workout Mistakes Going to the gym can be incredibly intimidating. There is no rule book for how to work out, or what is right for your body. Working out shouldn’t be intimidating, it should be an activity that boosts...

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July 14, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

You're never too old or young to worry about your heart health. We already know that heart rate and age correlate, but what habits can you take to keep your heart healthy? Ditch the unhealthy habits and minor bad decisions. Here's what you should start doing now to keep your heart healthy. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise You don't have to do intense cardio endurance exercises - unless you're into that of course. Any activity that gets your heart rate up will work, so it can be walking, running, swimming, dancing, or anything you're into! Just getting more steps into your day can have...

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